Whatcha workin on Wednesday-and a give-away!

Let me tell ya what I'm "workin on" today................NOTHING FUN...that's for sure!! :(

We lost our electric last night and didn't get it back on unitl 11 am this morning!! I don't know whether we lost if from the winds or the snow or a combination.....but it was off for a long time!!
So, rather than working on FUN-creative stuff...I now have to clean out the frig!!!!!!!!!!! YUK! Makes me so mad-food is expensive as it is...then to have to throw it out...............well...I am not happy about it! Thank goodness I hadn't gone to get groceries yet...so I didn't have the frig stocked, full!!
I would have be seeing RED!!
So I will have to do that today- run and get groceries.... after I sort and pitch things!

On a much more FUN note...
Kim over at Simple-Needs is having a fantastic give-away...in honor of her 100th post!! CONGRATS KIM!! :)

Please....stop over and visit Kim and be sure to leave her a comment!!

I hope everyone has a Wonderful Wednesday....I'm betting that your day will be "more fun" than mine! ;)


Is anybody in PA getting snow??

Happy Tuesday Everybody!
BOY!- I'm seeing lotsa "blue" on my lil' weather map here on my blog page this a.m....."blue" indicates the dreaded "S" word!!! SNOW! I see it's all around me....hope that's where it stays too! Although, that's highly unlikely.... we have a "Lake Effect " snow advisory for our area,
starting @ 8 o'clock tonight!! Of course we live in the dang SNOW BELT.............YAY!
Anyone else out in blogland getting snow?? I hope...if it is snowing in your neck of the woods...it's not cold enough yet to be 'stickin'.....
We're supposed to get mild weather again by the end of the week...so if we do get snow tonight-it won't last....
This fall has been such a nice one-I hate to see it end!
I wanted to share my "signs" with you...I have been busy making signs, (in between my new found delight-which is stitching!) I want to give some of my signs as Christmas gifts this year. I have made signs in the past...only I didn't have stencils!! LOL...do you know how hard it is to 'letter' a sign "free hand".................It's hard to do!
Here's a "free-hander"....It doesn't look bad where I have it...and if ya stand far enough away...and kinda squint! ;)
I didn't give any of my free hand signs away, I did think they were nice enough to hang in my home though! I think my stenciled signs are turning out pretty well--if I do say so, myself!

I also started on stitchery #3!! I can't believe it!!!!!!!!!!!! #3--that's really good, for me...cuz I'm a woodworkin' girl! I can't sew at all...in fact, I did better in "Woodshop" class, than I did in "Home Ec." class, way back in my school days!!
I am so happy I gave stitching a try!
I just love it... I started out (a few years back) doin' counted cross stitch...LOL...that didn't last long!! This goes so much faster...I like it when I can see RESULTS--the end results--QUICKLY! I'm must be a tad bit on the impatient side I guess :)

Here's #3....I just started it before bed, last night....so it's not finished....

I have to get out and get some frames...or make some...I will post some pics when I get that project done! :) I can't wait to get these framed!
Now-if only I could make a PILLOW....I would just love to put some stitcheries on a pillow.......................
Well, that's it from here. I have bookkeeping to do today.............so I best 'hop to it'!
Have a Happy Tuesday Everybody!

Sunday....Stitchin' ~ Stencilin' & Snoozin'....

I got quite a bit done yesterday! After I cleaned, I mean really cleaned...I know that big ole furnace will be kickin' on soon...so I had to go through and vacuum out all the heat runs and cold air returns....Steve gave the furnace a good 'once over' and a new filter...so we're ready for winter...well...at least in that respect we're ready! We have a small gas stove in the family room, that has been running for a while now...it does pretty good heating the entire house...so we only have to use the central air furnace once in a while...that helps with the gas bills....immensely!! After I got my cleaning done, and some more laundry in (which is one job that is NEVER done), we headed out to the garage to clean the stove out there too! By this time our nephews where here, to spend the afternoon, so they pitched in around here and we were done with all our chores in no time....which gave me extra time to do some FUN stuff!
I got some shelf sitters made for the bathroom.....

I finished up my second stitchery! I just got it "grunged up" a bit this morning and have it drying now....

Of course, while I was busy stitching, football was on...so Steve and the boys, (Ky & Carson) all decided to get out their 'game time munchies' and watch the game......'err..."try to watch the game"!!
... after eating everything they could get their hands on....and now, with full bellies...no one, including Steve, made it through the first half!! :)

I am hopin that's what caused this sudden "sleepy mode" anyway...other wise, I'm thinkin...this is a pretty good sign that 'old aunt Kath' is a tad bit on the BORING side! ;)
[I have no idea how Ky slept like that in that chair!]
All in all we had a great day, got a lot done.....and still had time to nap!
Enjoy your Monday everyone...............

A painful night....and a GREAT give-away!

Ok-So I promised I would post a comment about last night's game...even IF OSU didn't win.....................OUCH, this really hurts!
Penn State won....
...that's all I'm gonna say! ;)

Now on to something I know everyone will want to participate in!!
Char over at The Pickled Pepper Patch is having a give-away in honor of her daughter's 21st Birthday!

Just click on her 'give-away' pic above....to stop by and leave a comment for her....

Have a Blessed Sunday Everyone!


Ok- so there's a BIG game on tonight @ 8:00!!

Ohio State vs. Penn State....I know I am living in PA...BUT my team is, has been since I can remember...ALWAYS WILL BE..... OSU!
I may live in PA, but I lived in Ohio for many years as well, before moving to PA...and so, I love my BUCKEYES!! :)
This is a real 'biggy'- ya see....my family; mom, dad, brother, son...hubby....all are cheering on the Buckeye's!
Then there's my Aunt's (aka-my pie bakin buddies), my Uncle, two cousins and their familes...cheering on the Nittany Lions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are a very close family...EXCEPT when these two teams meet!! LOL!!

So...once 8 pm rolls around.....I'll know exactly where my entire family will be!!! :) That's a great feeling, to know that everyone is safe and sound all together, yet...we will all be in different places, from FL to TX, from PA to VA....but we will all be watching OSU kick some Penn State hiny!!! hehehe.... I HOPE that's how it goes, anyway!!!! ;)

So-who do ya think's gonna win??


GO OSU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday’s marquee conference matchup could ultimately help decide the Big Ten title, and could even help propel a league squad into position to compete in a third consecutive BCS Championship game. One week after snapping a nine-game losing streak to Michigan, Penn State will look to end another skid as the Nittany Lions have not won at Ohio State since 1978. PSU has dropped its last 10 games against ranked opponents when playing on the road and by comparison, Ohio State has won 12 of its last 13 conference home games against opponents in the top 25. In this series, which the Buckeyes lead 12-11, the home team has won 12 of the 15 meetings since 1993.
Much has been made this week about Ohio State freshman quarterback Terrelle Pryor choosing the Buckeyes over the Nittany Lions and Wolverines. But that decision appears to have paid off for both these teams as Saturday’s contest features a good QB battle, thanks largely in part to the impressive season senior Daryll Clark has had for Penn State. Clark is fifth in conference passing with 191.4 yards per game, but rates second in passing efficiency (152.7) and in touchdowns thrown (11). He has also recorded the least amount of interceptions among Big Ten passers this year with two.
Clark has helped guide a Penn State offense that ranks first in the conference in scoring (45.4) and rushing (234.6), second in total offense (482.1), and third in passing (247.5). Sophomore tailback Evan Royster is third in the league in rushing (111.6) and boasts a conference-best average of 7.7 yards per carry. Senior wideouts Deon Butler (60.8) and Jordan Norwood (57.9) rank sixth and seventh, respectively, in Big Ten receiving yards. Breaking down the statistics will lend you to believe that Ohio State is struggling on the offensive side of the ball. The Buckeyes rank sixth in scoring (26.9) and rushing (182.1), 10th in total offense (322.2) and last in the league in passing (140.1). But OSU also made an early switch at quarterback from Todd Boeckman to Pryor and also had to suffer through three games without star tailback Chris Wells, who has run for 508 yards in the four games since his return. Pryor was 7-of-11 for 116 yards and a TD and had 72 yards rushing on 12 carries against Michigan State last week.
Defensively, these two teams are among the best in the league. Penn State, which leads the conference in total defense (263.2), has allowed only 17 fewer total yards than the Buckeyes (265.4) have this year. The Nittany Lions are second in scoring defense (11.8), followed by OSU (13.4) in third. Against the pass, Penn State ranks first (159.4) and the Buckeyes are second (168.2), while both teams rank 1-2 in pass defense efficiency with ratings of 93.4 and 97.6, respectively. On top of that, both the Nittany Lions and the Buckeyes are better against the rush. Ohio State is first in the conference with 97.1 rushing yards allowed per outing, followed by Penn State at 103.9. OSU linebacker James Laurinaitis ranks second in the league with 9.8 tackles per game, while Penn State’s Navorro Bowman is fifth at 8.9. Teammate Aaron Maybin paces the conference with 10.0 sacks and 14.5 tackles for loss on the year.

Have a FUN Saturday, everyone!!! GO BUCKEYE'S!!!

My new work bench- power tool and albino pumpkin

Well, here it is....my new “work bench” / cabinet, that Steve made for me! He had some scraps laying around his shop so he put them all together
and wha-lah, a new handy dandy work bench!!! I just love using up scraps!!
I think the only expense he had was the casters-so that makes it even better!
It's not "pretty" or fancy but who needs pretty or fancy?!
It serves its purpose WELL!

He also bought me a new sander for all my wood working projects!! I was very surprised when he brought this baby home!! I always get his "hand-me-down" tools! This is my first brand new power tool!!
I was using a palm sander, and regular old sand paper pieces…he just “thought” this would be easier for me….what a nice “thought”!

This new sander is so heavy tho, I can’t even lift it… I work in the garage, and now that it’s chilly out, I like working in front of the stove…so when he built this bench he put it on casters so I can move it where ever I’d like…with ease! That way, if I need it out of the way or don't need to work in front of the stove…I can just wheel it outta the way!! How clever his is!! And to think...all I asked for was a couple of old saw horses and a piece of waffer board! :)

LOL…he does these things for me because he’s so thoughtful…BUT…he also has his own motives!! [He thinks I don't realize this!]
I know he built me this "mobile work area" so he didn’t have to keep moving that heavy sander for me!! I know that I tend to bother him from time to time...seems he just gets busy doin something and there I am…asking him to please move the sander…or something!! So he actually built it for himself! No matter-it’s the “thought” that counts and I love it!
I can’t wait to get out and use it now!

While I was out taking a few pics of my new work bench...these guys were hanging out...so I snapped a pic of them....it's My woodworking crew! In the back...that's Bella, then Issak and Ellie Mae the kitty! We have 2 other cats, and another dog, Rylee-she's in the house!

I did get my first stitchery finished here's a pic of it "finsihed"...I have already started on my second one!
Oh I almost forgot-- I wanted to share my albino pumpkin with ya too! Steve brought this home for me, he was at the feed store and saw it and just thought it was neat! It is neat huh? I don't know if I have even seen a white punkin! :) course--now-- being that I was so tickled about a "white punkin" I will see them everywhere!!!
I hope you all have a Great Weekend!

Lotsa "FIRSTs" to share....

Wow, I have so many "FIRSTs" to share with everyone today!!
First of all, We got our First snow of the season...it didn't stick, but it snowed none the less!!! At least now, I think, it means we can look forward to our Indian summer??? Hope that's what it means!

I also received my stencils!! I so couldn't wait to start making signs. I made two so far...what FUN!!
Here's my FIRST attempt at sign making...

Next.... I'll share my FIRST time trying my hand at "stitching"...this project isn't finished, but I wanted to share it anyway! I am just so happy that I can READ THE WORDS that I STITCHED, that's HUGE to me!!!! :)
LOL, I thought for sure, the front and the back would pretty much look the same...........but I was pleasantly surprised when I could actually tell the difference between the two sides! I used a scrap piece of fabric I had here just to practice on...I didn't want to practice on my new muslin! :) Sorry the pic is a little bit on the dark side....

I saw so many neat stitcheries on here that I just had to try it! I stopped by Tammy's place yesterday to see her first stitchery she did...It's so NICE! What a great job she did!! I can't wait to get this finished and start a "real one"...lol...it seems like all of you gals just sit down and whip one up...I am still trying to get the "french knot" thing! I'll get it eventually!

So there is one more "FIRST" I wanted to share...this one is my Happiest one to share with you: I know it's not a good pic...but we received our very FIRST "picture" of our very FIRST grand-babe!!!!
This is truly a blessing, [every child is]...but we almost lost our son, six months ago in a very, very bad accident. He was not expected to survive. In fact they still don't know how he survived the accident itself....let alone the heart repair and everything else he went through.....
So for us to come so close to losing our only child, to then come full circle and be celebrating his 'second chance' ...'our second chance with him' and now, 'a new little life'...well our JOY is just beyond words!!!!!!!!
I BELIEVE in MIRACLES...I always have...they are all around us, every day, every where... some are big, some are small...
I was given one when my son lived...even the doc's and nurse's said it was a miracle.....and now I have been given another......................
GOD is soooo GOOD..........and..........I THANK HIM every single day!

Have a Wonderful Day and............
.............Always Believe.....;)

I just wanted to include this poem I wrote, writing helps me get through things...this was written the day I got home from Texas, after Brad's accident.

His Amazing Grace…

has…once again touched my soul-more profoundly than any time in my past
He graced me with boundless strength and courage-when my darkness appeared oh, so vast
His touch, I witnessed, can mend a heart-literally torn and weary and weak
His amazing grace did light my way-along this journey that seemed so bleak
With each day, though worry was great, -I sensed His amazing grace
Brad sensed this too, without expression-I could see a ‘peace’ reflecting from his face
Although he lay there motionless, eyes closed, unable to convey
Brad had awareness of His grace, it was apparent, each time I commenced to pray
Brad’s breaths were given by machine, his body left opened and defenseless
Yet each time I asked Him, He gave me hope-His grace amazingly swift and endless
He took our hearts in His hand, both torn and wounded deeply, each in a different way
His amazing grace gave us strength, we [both] grew stronger with each new day
When I felt most hopeless, helpless and unable to comfort my only child
I confessed to Him, “I have no control, I am powerless”, and with amazing grace-He smiled…
I had to give this trial completely unto Him, I prayed with more conviction than I ever had before-
These were more than words to me, but absolute reliance, so to Him, I did implore:
[“Dear Lord, please take care of Brad, or take him home with You,
please give me strength, either way, I put all my trust in You“…]

From that moment on, Brad’s health progressed, with speed, at times, beyond belief
My fears and helplessness were now lost, gone too was the uncertainty and grief
In their place, serenity, and peacefulness, a heartfelt “knowing” I cannot explain…
It’s “faith” beyond “just believing”…it’s far deeper, like a consciousness I can’t abstain
I have always held a strong belief, in God and in the miracles His amazing grace bestows
But now …I no longer “just believe“…No, now, I truly “know”….

© k.bosko

I sought the Lord and He heard me…
-Psalm 34:4

Tuesday is PIE Baking day & I don't even like PIE!

So I will spending the day baking Apple Pies with my aunts...they make a bunch up then freeze them, to have over winter...It's a fun day...even though I don't like PIE!! But then, this day isn't about ME...just getting to spend the day with them is enjoyable. I think I am more of a hindrance than a help tho :) My Aunt will not give up on me, she insists that one day I will be able to make a "good" pie crust!! That's one thing I struggle with-making a good flaky pie crust. It's not from lack of trying.........
I think maybe, if I actually liked PIE...I might have better luck with my crust?? Anyway...today isn't about ME or the PIE...it's about spending time with my aunts!
After all........if it was about ME............we'd be making CREAM PUFFS!! :) LOL!

This will be an all day 'event'...........So, I will wish you all a Happy Tuesday, and I will catch up with you on Wednesday!

Also--I just wanted to say one thing about my Awards I received yesterday and the "tag"...first of all I was so tickled to get an award, which actually turned into Two Awards in one day! WOW --I felt so honored, especially being so new to blogging. Thanks again Juanita and Jenn...It truly means a lot to me!

I did realized, rather quickly, that it takes a lot of time to get the 'tag' and the awards all posted and linked to everyone...not only that...But I didn't enjoy having to "choose" who got an award. I think EVERYONE of you should have it! Those I picked deserve it, but so does everyone else that I didn't pick.................

I think that from now on, (if) I am lucky enough to receive another award, I will post it with pride :) and lotsa gratitude....but I don't want to have to pick or choose who gets it...I would rather thank the person who gave it--and share it with everyone who stops by....I hope that's ok? I see others' do that too, sure wish I would have noticed that sooner!! ;)

...I felt bad all day yesterday, about "choosing" some, and not others....it actually took the FUN outta getting my award! Please know that I feel you all deserve these awards...and in the future, I will be sharing them that way! I am not one who can pick and choose.

Now-I'm off to go bake some pies.........................
Have a Beautiful Tuesday!!


WOW- How exciting is this???!!! My very first "tag" and my FIRST AWARD-all in one day!!! My friend Juanita, over at It's Harvest Time has tagged me.....I have never been tagged, so please bare with me on this, I so hope I do this correctly!! :)
I am supposed to place this on my blog and then tell 7 things about myself-and then choose 7 others to be "tagged"! So................here it goes;

1. Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Here are 7 facts about me:

1- I am a "coffee-holic"

2- I have only one child, He's 25 years old

3- My son served in Iraq

4- I am really really creeped out by spiders! I get chill bumps thinkin of them....ewwwwwwww!

5- I married my Soul Mate...and that's a FACT!!

6- I wear my heart on my sleeve.....

7- I don't like PIE...of any kind...

Here's the 7 "chosen" people I tag: [I know you have prolly been tagged before, so if I have tagged you, and you would rather not participate, that's fine :) ..... Plus I know how busy y'all are! :)

1- Karen, My Colonial Home

2- Birgit, The Primitive Country Bug

3- Katy, The Country Blossom

4- Kindra, 3 Guys, a Girl and a Prim Place

5- Kimberly, My Brown Bag Studio

6- Debbi, *****Prim 'N Stuff*****

7- Ashley, Passion for Prims


So- here's my very FIRST AWARD (which I might add, I am so TICKLED about!) This was given to me by Juanita, It's Harvest Time! She's become a good friend to me and she is such a sweety-pie. Please stop in and visit her....won't you?! :)

Here's the rules:
You need to list six things that make you happy, and pass this award on to six creative bloggers.

1- My Faith
2-My Family
3- My Friends [both old and new]!
4- Crisp Autumn days
5- My Fur-babies
6- Trying NEW things!

The 6 "chosen" for this Award are: [By NO means was this an easy task...so many "creative blogs to choose from, I wanted to pick ALL of them!]

1- Ashley, A Passion for Prims

2- Char, Pickled Pepper Patch

3- Katy, The Country Blossom

4- Nicole, Back in the Day

5- Sandy, ***For the Love of Prims***

6- Kimberly, My Brown Bag Studio

Again, Thank you so much Juanita for my award, and more importantly, for our friendship!!! :)

Have a Wonderful MONDAY Everyone!

I just gotta say.........

I have been trying to visit as many blogs as I can……
I grab my cup of coffee, and off I go! I could spend hours on here!

I start out at one blog…just to leave a quick comment and the next thing I know…I am on another…and another………………..My “FAV LIST” is growing by leaps and bounds!!!

What amazes me is this; I have visited so many inspiring blogs….some of you have small children, some have jobs, some are managing both! Some of you home school your kids, I admire that! I also admire all you SAHM’s out there! You are TOPS in my book…I couldn’t be a stay at home mom, I had to raise my son by myself…my ex ran off and abandoned my son and I when he was only 7 weeks old! So I had to work….at one point, I had to work two jobs. It was hard, but we made it through…everything happens for a reason-I know that…sometimes we just don’t know what “the reason is”….
I would have given anything to be able to stay at home with my son. But ‘we have to do what we have to do‘…whether we like it or not…
Of course as hard as that time in my life was…I am grateful….for if that had not happened, I would have never had Steve come into my life and into my son’s life! Everything happens for a reason!! As far as I can tell…I am right where I am supposed to be!!!

I am also amazed at the things you gals accomplish, while juggling everyday life!
I see so much creativity--it just amazes me! Your homes are so beautifully decorated and so warm and inviting! Even your blogs are that way! They just draw ya in!
I honestly don’t know how some of you have time

to do everything you do!!

It’s so wonderful to be connected with so many giving, caring…and selfless people! Ohh, and I forgot to mention TALENTED people!!!
I just wanted to share that with you--all! My only other option was to copy and paste this post to everyone’s “blog comments”….which would take me ALL DAY! So I opted to do it this way!

You all really do amaze me-and I am so glad I stumbled upon this world of blogging!! Thank you all for welcoming me, and helping me along!
What a nice place to come each day…..

Have a Wonderful Weekend-Everyone


My Tarts....

...They actually turned out!! YAY- I'm so tickled about my tarts!!! LOL!
And even better....I didn't make a mess doin this project!!
That right there, [the no mess factor] makes me extremely happy! ;)
They smell sooooooooooo good too! This batch is "Sugar Cookie".
I just melted one of my old candles, I put some water in a pan and a canning jar ring in the bottom of the pan, to keep the jar up off the pan bottom, I kept the heat as low as I could...I have a candle warmer, which would have worked--but of course, I was too impatient to wait for that to melt it!

Once the wax was all melted, I added some scented candle oils and used a small ladle to pour the melted wax into my muffin pans...I tried using my silicone muffin pan, it worked really good!! The tin pan worked well too, I cooled that one in the freezer and the tarts came right out!

Here's what I ended up with! They aren't anything fancy-but they serve their purpose...they have a better/stronger aroma than the one's ya buy!

I got 18 tarts from a 22 oz. candle. [I know there is only 17 in the picture, that's cuz I had to try one!!)
Tart's are pricey lil' buggers aren't they? So I am glad they turned out, I love to burn tarts, this way I can re-purpose my old candles and save myself some $$!!

I have lots more old candles that have no scent left in them, so I plan to make more tarts now that I know I can do it, and with NO mess!
I am goin to get some Holiday Scents so I can make some for the holidays!!

~Hope everyone had a wonderful Wednesday~



Another Great Give-Away!!

Here's yet another great give away!!
Y'all have to stop in to see Dani over at the Old Homestead Peddler...She has some other neat stuff she's giving away too, so be sure to stop over, visit, and leave her a comment!
Good Luck everyone!

It's been a Distressing-Grungy, but delightful couple of days!

Monday started out with a good “hoeing out” of my garage! [Which turned into a two day-er!] Figured I might as well get that chore outta the way! I needed to get things straightened around, sorted through and picked up so I have more room to do crafty stuff! :)
I do a lot of crafts in there over the cold winter months.

While cleaning and goin through things, (that I have no idea why I even kept to begin with)…I found some pine 1x’s I had saved for something?! Oh-yes...now I remember...I was hangin on the those so I could make some signs...once I got around to ordering some stencils!
I also came across this huge old bakery box.

I had forgotten all about it. My MIL got it for me while on one of her garage sale adventures a few years back. I put it out in the garage…thinking I would come up with a really neat - creative idea that would put it to good use, or make a nice display of some sort! LOL…3 years later………I still can’t think of anything! I really like the old brass corners and handles...
I am wondering if any of you gals can think of something to do with this?? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! It’s HUGE and it’s so heavy! I really like it, but I just dunno what to do with it! I know she picked it up because she knows I love old wooden crates and boxes……I would love to use it…………any ideas?? Anyone??

Anyway, I was tickled to find the pine boards …I also found some pieces, not long enough to make signs with or even a small shelf....so I decide I would make a sconce--Ok, well, what I mean is, I thought I would have Steve make me a sconce out of those pieces!!! So he grabbed them up and off he went over to his shop. About 20 minutes later, he came back with this!

So, I painted it...a mustard color

Then I distressed it, sanded and antiqued it...with ebony stain.

{Keep in mind...I am supposed to be cleaning out the garage!!} LOL!

I think it turned out pretty good-I think we may "tweak" the next one a bit...make the back a tad bit taller....

I knew a regular bulb in a plain white candle wouldn't look right....it needed a "grungy" bulb in the candle--so I made some of those last night. I grunged some silicone bulbs...this is my first try at the "grunge" bulbs. I make plain old silicone bulbs all the time... well...my first time grunging bulbs isn't that great...it sorta looks like I dipped the bulb in CARAMEL...LOL...it isn't 'grungy" enough- is it?!

The darker colored candle is a battery operated candle...I don't like the bulb at all...it's way too big and a lot harder to dip! I grunged the candle sleeve--it was a plain white plastic sleeve, I put my grunge on really thick and I let it kinda run down the sleeve, and it puddled at the brass base, it looks sorta neat! Looks like a melted candle!

Here's a close-up, it's still wet!

The candle below is one I tried using the hot fabric glue technique I saw posted on the CS forum...the candle looks far better now that I added my caramel/grunge bulb!

So, here's the finished sconce, below! I added the rusty star...but it's 'removable' --I used a little bit of poster tacky to stick it on, that way if I change my mind about it later...I can just take it off and use the star somewhere else, with no marks left on my sconce!

So...all in all, my Monday and Tuesday, were both "distressing" & "grungy" ...yet very delightful days!! While cleaning out the garage, I also came across a bunch of old candles in big jars. I have no clue what I was saving those for! I have a candle warmer, and I use that sometimes, rather than burning them, so I have all these jars full of unscented wax. I actually had them in the wagon, ready to haul them up to the dumpster....when suddenly, I had a "light bulb" moment!

**I will melt the wax and make homemade tarts**!! :)

So, See---this is the reason a chore such as cleaning out the garage, turns into a two day-er!! LOL...I always find something to do with the "stuff" I am supposed to be straightening up or GETTING RID OF!! I did manage to get the garage done today tho, so.....it's not gonna become a three day-er,


I even managed to get my stencils ordered.

Which leaves me lotsa time for.......Wednesday's project:

Re-Purposed WAX! LOL! ....

Will let ya know how the tarts turn out!!

~Hope y'all had a wonderful day~